Youth Exchange

Youth Exchange

The first youth exchange between Peoria and Friedrichshafen took place in 1978. Ours is the longest continuous running youth exchange between sister cities anywhere in the United States!

Each year, approximately 15 teenagers (16 to 19 years of age) from one city visit the other for three weeks in the summer. The following year, the roles are reversed.

The guests participate in the daily life of their host families and join in local events in the community. Group events bring everyone together and create long-lasting friendships among all participants!

This program is a chance to visit a foreign country, not as a tourist, but as a member of a family and community. The exchanges are personal, and the experiences create life-enriching relationships.


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Current Exchange

While COVID-19 required a pause in our program, we are excited to share plans for Summer 2022!

We are now looking for youth who would like to travel to our sister city, Friedrichshafen in 2022. Our program costs less than $2,000 for three weeks!  The tentative dates are July 14 - August 5, although we are still working through details to confirm this schedule.  For more information, contact us via email at

If you are looking for a great way to see Europe without your parents, you will love this program!

Exchange Student Spotlight!

Martha - Age 16, Friedrichshafen

"During these three weeks in Peoria, I was not only able to improve my English skills, but I learned a lot about the American lifestyle, which is more different than I had thought. The trip was really exciting, but like everything you enjoy, too short for me!"

James - Age 19, Peoria

"The trip to Germany was an amazing adventure and I cannot wait until I have another opportunity to go. This program helped me see parts of the world I never thought could be real. It gave me the confidence to go places, without family, I had never been before. After the experience, I miss the friends and family I now have in Germany."

Gerald - Age 17, Oberteuringen

"When I was in Peoria last year, I stayed with (my host 'brother') and this year he came back to me. I was really happy that he could come so that we meet one more time. I think we had a great time and a lot of fun and I hope this will not be the last time we see each other."