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While the sister city relationship technically exists between two cities, it is the people of those cities that create and sustain the friendships. (Read the comments about Peoria's sister city relationships from a former Peoria Sister City Commission Chairman.) Membership in the Friends of Friedrichshafen is open to anyone interested in supporting the sister city relationship and making new friends.



Friends of Friedrichshafen

President - Patrick Roesler
VP In charge of Membership - Susan King and Lisa Shoup Horn 
Secretary - Shane White
Treasurer - Troy Schmick
Immediate Past President - Eric Hoadley 
Committee Chairs:
Student Exchanges - Danielle Robb 
Entertainment of Guests - Dee Musselman Walker 
Cultural Exchanges - Alan Dickey 
Public Relations and Publicity - Eric Hoadley 
Programs and Social Events - Timmy Roberts 

Become a Member

Ours is a non-profit group. We receive no government funding. We exist because of the commitment and donations of private citizens. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Friends of Friedrichshafen, choose the level of commitment that suits you best:

Please click on a link above to choose your level of membership, download a membership formand mail your donation (payable to Friends of Friedrichshafen) to:

FOF Memberships

5501 Holly Hedges Ct.

Peoria, IL  61614